Protection from what life throws at you

You’ve been diligent, you’ve planned for your present, future and retirement wealth. But what happens if life throws a spanner in the works and you fall ill, lose your job or, heaven forbid, pass away before your time? Some things just cannot be foreseen, so we’re here to help you protect your plans from all of life’s spanners.

In essence, if your financial security now or at retirement is reliant on investments from your income, what would happen if that stream of money was switched off?

A plan is only as good as its contingency strategy

While it’s impossible to accurately predict a heart attack, the onset of work-limiting back pain, redundancy or a cancer diagnosis, you can have a contingency strategy for protecting your plans from such things.

There are a multitude of events which could derail your savings or retirement timeline, or which could even land those you love with debts, so we’re here with advice on how to safeguard your future.

The three most common solutions out there are:

Life insurance
Critical illness
Income protection

However, we don’t offer generic, one-size-fits-all policies, we advise on personalised solutions to protect your specific future plans. For instance, if you want to leave your property to your kids, HMRC will want its cut, so to save those you love from having to sell to pay the taxes, you could leave them the money in a life insurance policy to retain the family home. Or, if you lose your job you might have to push your retirement plans back by years, so we might advise that you consider a particular income protection policy suited to your needs.

As we are independent we have the whole market to choose from to determine the right insurance options to protect your plans from all of life’s spanners.


Pensions and retirement planning can be a complex area as your plans today can have a significant impact on the lifestyle you can afford in the future. For guidance on all of the above call us on 020 3150 2500 or email