Later life planning with you at its centre

We all dream of a long life, time to do things, go places and see family grow. But one inevitability of a long life is that at some point we may need a little help? For some it will mean moving to a place that can provide the care they need, for some it’s getting that care at home and for others it may mean occasional respite support for the family and friends who look after you.

However, for all, there should be a fully funded and carefully considered plan. That’s where we can help.


Financing your future care plans

Many fear that funding long-term care will mean selling their assets and watching the inheritance they’d saved for loved ones drain away.

Trusted Wealth are here to guide you through the complexities of saving or accumulating the funds you’ll need to ensure that you can afford the quality of care you would wish for your later life, when you need it.

We’ll advise you on the options to choose from, the governmental support you’re entitled to and how best to fund your future care.

A few of the options available to you...

Using your Savings and Investment
Equity release and/or Downsizing
Deferred Payment Agreements offered by the local authority
Long Term Care Insurance
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We are a SOLLA accredited member, but how does this benefit you?

SOLLA is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to raising standards of practice in the finance sector specific to those offering financial advice to older people. A SOLLA later life adviser is a professional who not only has specialist expertise in the financial challenges of retirement and later life, but has committed to the organisation’s strict code of practice.

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We are signed up to the Financial Vulnerability Taskforce, but what does this mean?

The Financial Vulnerability Taskforce (FVT) is a professional body set up to promote fairness and good practice across the personal finance sector, specifically to govern the actions of advisors who are dealing with people in vulnerable circumstances. Those signed up to the FVT agree to adopt the organisation’s charter, a nine-point professional promise of best practice designed to drive the highest standards and to assure clients that their advisor has their best interests at heart at all times.

Trusted Wealth has been signed up to the Financial Vulnerability Taskforce since our inception.


To get started with a bespoke financial plan for the future care needs of a loved one or yourself, or to discuss the wider areas of retirement, pensions or estate planning, call us on 020 3150 2500 or email