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Why are you here today?

  • You’re exploring the difference between a Defined Benefit (also known as ‘final salary’) pension and the alternatives
  • You’re looking for more flexibility than your current pension offers
  • You wish to leave more to loved ones
  • You’re investigating more tax-efficient retirement income options
  • Perhaps you wish to be more involved in how your pension is invested
  • You’re anxious about the financial health of your current pension scheme

Your money, when you
need it

A Defined Benefit pension is great if you are looking for a fixed regular (often inflation proof) income that’s guaranteed for life.

However, this doesn’t suit everyone, because if you need access to your funds as and when you want them – to pay off a loan or mortgage, to take a holiday of a lifetime, to set aside a lump sum for the kids, to phase into retirement or simply in acknowledgement of the fact that all plans change over time – a Defined Benefit pension may not give you the freedom you need.

At Trusted Wealth we’ll review your current pensions against the lifestyle you want, then provide you with advice on how to plan for the retirement you would wish for.


Specialists you can trust

Defined Benefit Pension Transfer advice is highly regulated. Of course we’re chartered financial advisors and FCA authorised, but we’re also signed up to two of the industry’s leading voluntary codes of conduct: the Pension Transfer Gold Standard and the Financial Vulnerability Taskforce. And most people find us on MoneyHelper, the official government website for financial advice.

We want you to make the choice that’s right for you, so every client is given access to our chartered financial planner for guidance and an extensive knowledge base of videos which simplify the world of pensions to help you make better informed decisions and plans. Then we’ll be with you all the way, there to help you monitor, manage and adapt your fund and plan so it evolves with your changing circumstances and needs.


in four Steps

  • Inform tw

    We want you to make the right decision for your future. So we start by providing you with a series of short educational videos to help you understand the pros and cons of staying in, or transferring out of your final salary (Defined Benefit) pension. This ultimately enables our clients to make a more informed decision.

  • Meet tw

    You’ll be invited to a meeting with a qualified Pension Transfer Specialist to discuss your retirement plans and the options available to you. They’ll answer any questions and provide you with abridged advice on whether you should remain in your scheme or if we should complete a full review of your suitability for a transfer.

  • Review tw

    A full review involves a thorough analysis of your current pensions to determine whether these or a pension transfer would best suit your circumstances and retirement plans before providing you with our recommendations report which will include everything you need to know to make a fully informed decision.

  • Transfer tw

    If a transfer is appropriate and you choose to proceed we’ll set up your new pension, help you with all the paperwork, liaise with your pension providers and finalise the move. We’ll regularly review the ongoing suitability of your plan, stress-testing it against real world risks to ensure you remain on track to your financial goals.

We’re proud to be signed up to the Pension Transfer Gold Standard

The Pension Transfer Gold Standard is a principles-based code of good practice formed to ensure that all those signed up to its charter are committed to the highest standards in client care, hence, the ‘gold standard’.

This is not a static snapshot of what best practice in our industry looks like, as the Personal Finance Society regularly reviews what it takes to be defined as an advisor offering the very best service, a professional with the highest of ethical standards, someone who always has their clients’ best interests at heart, offering peace of mind to all those they work with.

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